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  • Shanghai Jump Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., for the modern type of high-tech joint-stock enterprises, its predecessor is Shanghai Qianwei machinery factory, specializing in tomato sauce, concentrated juice and jam, tropical fruit processing, hot canned juice drinks, tea drinks and other whole plant equipment design, manufacturing, R & D and turnkey project. Company staff quality is excellent, the backbone of engineers and core technology R & D personnel directly from the original Qianwei machinery factory, also has a number of master and doctor of food engineering and packaging machinery professional, fully equipped with the comprehensive ability of design and development, production line project of manufacturing, installation and commissioning, technical training, customer service service etc..

    Address :No. 58, Peng Qing Road, Guangming Road subway station, Shanghai 11

    Phone :86-0512-57699819

    E-mail :info@sinojump.com

    Website :www.sinojump.com


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